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Substation Construction

HP2X Construction, Inc. specializes in the construction and maintenance of electrical substations/switchyards. We also work in a civil construction supporting capacity with transmission line construction/maintenance. HP2X Construction, Inc. has worked on projects ranging from simple switchyard conduit additions to complete substation design build projects. Additionally HP2X Construction, Inc. can provide construction specifications, foundation, structural, electrical, and control designs.


Some of the construction services HP2X Construction, Inc. can provide:

  • Site surveys

  • Soil borings

  • Soil erosion protection

  • Land clearing

  • Earthwork

  • Pier walls and retaining walls of all types

  • Ground penetrating radar investigations

  • Lime and or cement soil stabilization

  • Foundation construction

  • Drilled shaft foundations

  • Right-Of- Way support services

  • Temporary access bridging

  • Installation of permanent access bridges

  • Access road paving

  • Access road timber matting

  • Hydro excavation

  • Jack and bore casing installation

  • Directional boring

  • Ground grid installation

  • Conduit systems

  • Duct bank systems

  • Trenwa installation and repairs

  • Installation and construction of manholes and vaults

  • Installation, construction and maintenance of control buildings

  • Site fencing

  • Steel fabrication with hot dip galvanizing

  • High voltage buss fabrication

  • High voltage switch installation

  • Station control cabling

  • Station control work

  • SCADA systems

  • Coaxial cable systems

  • Fiber optics systems

  • Power line carrier installation

  • Protective relay work

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